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  1. I paint alone now, bombing with girls just plain out is not fucking fun. Some of us are such BITCHES.
  2. Just go out and bomb; chances are you're 12, live in a caucasian-dominated suburb, have a blank blackbook and have all your paint ready to go. Stop asking and just DO. Learn from your mistakes.
  3. Where you at? and do you normally write with other guys or girls or by yourself? I know no other ladies down with spray paint and the guys don't focus on writing when I go with them. Let's band together!
  4. Guys listen: I absolutely NEED magnets because I spent over $200 on Montana and Ironlak that I carry around with me constantly that I've only used once in my backyard on a piece of cardboard last week. I bought four magnets because they were $10 a piece and I couldn't afford more. Now instead of 10 cans in my purse jiggling it's 6 cans in my purse jiggling. My girlfriends think it's hot. Don't call me a toy. IT'S A SMART INVESTMENT IN MY GRAFFITI CAREER LOL :|
  5. I'm using this for my quote, thanks boo <3
  6. Post in an online forum about it and then go download the new Tyler the Creator album and think you're hard.
  7. In viewing these stellar pieces of ingenuity, courage, talent and knock-you-on-your-ass resplendence we can only come to a single conclusion: We are all the illegitimate, bastard children of contemporary artwork. Can't wait to see how much higher this community will raise the bar.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_in_Black:_The_Album
  9. Oh man I was all over this Dunkin Donuts-sponsored street art three years ago... I'm lactose-intolerant and last time I had Dunkin' Donuts I shit my pants in the streets of Orlando. Left my hip huggers on the corner of Orange and Church. THAT'S ART.
  10. Hit up Sam Flax and The Bodhi Tree around downtown Orlando! For all your artistic needs, these places are dope.
  11. I got sick of killing hookers after playing GTA3. Jet Set Radio is so much fun I want to be just like them.
  12. I saved $26.40 +shipping by brushing up on my graff histories on the internets. For free.
  13. I was tagging at around 430am and some fuck came outside to scream at me, I started running and climbed back over a fence to get out of the area...put my left foot in a link near the top, swung my right foot over and placed in a link near the top on the opposite side, lifted up my left foot and then my right foot slipped out of the link and scraped my cha as I fell down. Thank god I wasn't wearing my yoga pants.
  14. I refuse to buy German Montana.
  15. FRKBMB

    Orlando Thread

    Wish I could've seen these awesome pieces while I lived there! All I saw was some garbage work around downtown Otown.
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