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  1. u been drinkin haterade player...
  2. laughs!!! for real that was good.
  3. whats good then come down to the spot ???
  4. "to you and gasm, sorry shit even ended up like that on your shit. although you gotta say, 10 years from now, the idea of taking out heavy hitters in your crew to get a message across wasn't a bad tactical idea. call me a toy all you want. we could of used our white and black gallon paint. most of those spots are fixable, but, I mean it when I apologize for that bullshit. yall niggas had nothing to do with anything. to end this email, I will stand by my word, to hook gasm up with at least 30 cans, I think that is a fair number, and however many cans you need to fix your spots, and it's yours. yes I realize that aint gonna fix what we did, and what I did, but it is a kind gesture, and it's all I can do physically. I aint fixing them for you! also, amo, go ahead and take whatever spot/s you feel needed for the one harper wall I got you on. from this night forward, I am focusing on me when it comes to this shit. not what yall are doing, and with whom. no homo. " ^^^^^pm from dsd./.. where my cans at.
  5. 36 MILLLLEEEEEE HAHAHAHAHA. divide it by 5
  6. hahahah looks liek you guys found your newest recruit... PANNNNEEEEE!!!! LOL
  7. hahaha ok. u mad? toys gettin put down in "the real dfw" yeah bitch i got my ass wooped cuz faggots like to team up n jump people and cnt fight one on one LIKE U PREACH ABOUT DAILY... but i wasnt the one who ended up in the hospital lol ask melo about it. you aint givin no one cans u keep talkin bout it but i aint seen shit... wheres the nigga rats cans at? where my cans at ? bitch oh like all your boys in your crew are form detroit?! bahahahaha come on fool get real... aint no one sayin your name over here dsd dont worry dsd we alllll now u run this city lol. 36 mile what where fohr stayin at again??? us 36 mile whiteboys make dudes like u into fertilizer lol DSD I DONT WANT TO READ your rants that are as along as a fucking book report.
  8. to the radiolologist... now jue thinks hes a king becuz you tell him youd rather see garbage than so and so...man must be sweet to have a buncha dudes trying to prove themselves to you even tho u dont do work anymore. sounds like your just pissed and fueled with hate. keep putting dirt on your crews name i think its funny.
  9. u expect respect to be handed to u on a silver fuckin platter .. jasp n sway do your thing but fuck bein bent over some stupid throwup. p.s dont have your boy call me about dumb shit either like u did 4 days ago... call me your fuckin selves IF YOU have anything to say, dont pm me either i barely get on this shit.
  10. wahhhh... wahhhhhh. fucking cry some more paint something sweet like yall used to n u wouldnt get gone over simple ass rule i dont get why u guys dont get it.. if yall were doin anything youd get respect.
  11. maybe you should leave yor address next time.... o wait i already know it... looks like it says BAAAAARRRFFFF to me
  12. hoes on our dicks... evryone of em now got cervical cancer.
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