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  1. Yeah, your O & M has a swing on it but the B is rigid, screws with your flow.


    But it's moving in the right direction so just start pumping out the letters. Don't only stick to those ones either, play around with other odd words. And pay attention to what MEK said in trying every different lean, swing, balance, etc. of the letter. Extend this bit, drop that part a little, bend that one, etc. Most of it will look silly but you have to rule out the mistakes to help you identify the good shit. Sometimes when you're mindlessly doodling you stumble on designs that you couldn't have managed when you're trying hard.


    Use your left hand, cover one eye, only look at the page after you've drawn each stroke, etc. Sometimes letting go of control like this can help you break out of mindsets that constrain you (like the mindset you had about Z's recently). I see you just writing the same letters over and over again, completely change what you're doing in terms of shape and flow every week to force yourself to practice and stay out of ruts.


    That is the plan. Thanks everyone, good shit.

  2. Not feeling the bottom curve bar on the B with this one, not to mention the verticle bar looked way fatter after I inked it. Did the M differently this time though to try to get it going with the rest.



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  3. You do realise your s and b look like cartoon poo?


    But ugh if thats what you were going for. then who am i to judge. Not feeling the S or B tho anyway.


    I like the O and m though.


    Lol well I appreciate the honestly. I've been experimenting with a whole lot of different styles lately, I've filled up almost 2 books since January. Just trying out different things and playing trial and error.


    Forgot to post this one, done yesterday. Same Z and B as the one before, different O.



  4. This Louis kid is a phony ass fake. Dude goes hard as hell in the blackbook, but checked his Instagram and he had one garbage thing he had done with a spray can. The rest of the wall stuff he has done was with a brush and paint markers. That's right, he paints "Pieces" on walls with brushes and paint markers. That's when I decided his opinion no longer mattered, fucking blackbook queen. And Lol @ this guy assuming i'm "Sending people after him", I recognize Cilone's name from around here but trust me, he shit talked you on his own. Maybe because you're a bitch. Keep brush painting queen.

  5. I hit him up on Facebook about the matter, he told me he would edit his posts. I told him not to worry about editing his posts if he truely believes I bit. As far as the whole situation, it's whatever, I know the truth but I understand why it looks that way so it's kind of frustrating because I don't want that rep or to appear that way.

  6. All of y'all are the same. Try to convince yourself all you want, you know the truth as well as I do. And any respectable writer that looks at this work is gonna know you straight jocked boogies work and are claiming it for yourself, denying it just makes you look even worse. To say you've never seen his work and yours just happens to look identical is ridiculous homie. Words of advice, a rep as a biter is something you don't want. Over and out.


    I've seen some of his stuff yes, but to assume everyone who is into graffiti has seen EVERYTHING of EVERYONES is just stupid and ignorant. And after reviewing your Instagram I recognize your floater and other work from the blackbook group that we are both active in on Facebook. The fact that you decided to "call me out" on here and not on there just leads me to believe you're a troll. You're the first person to ever acuse me of being a biter over these few years of me being into graffiti. I know it's not true, so I guess it doesn't matter. :rolleyes2:

  7. And as far as the snacks I do food characters. And the drips + colors I used are VERY common things I use in my work. Scroll back some pages if you need to. The ice cream idea was inspired from my dead homie TOM1 from Detroit, and it sprouted off into more food characters. Burgers, Ice Cream, Sriracha bottles, Mountain Dew cans, Doughnuts, Cup cakes, etc.

  8. Everyone gets inspired everywhere so my style(s) have a lot of different writers in them. That specific Zomb piece being similar to that Boogie piece is a coincidence? Yes, I've never seen that page before until you posted it. I don't specifically care that you're not going to believe me, but I'm a little annoyed that I'm being called a biter. But hey, it's whatever. Nobody is completely original so I'll blend.


    Now that you point it out and post his shit can I be inspired by his shit? You're damn right, dude is clean. But again, I have never seen that page until today when you just posted it.

  9. Nice. I've never seen his desert stuff until now but hey, I'm sure 1000 other people have done it as well before Boggie.


    As far as the "Replica" statement I really hope you're not calling me a biter.

  10. Just go through different graff pictures/videos and pay attention to the colors they're using inside their piece together, the colors they're using on the halo or any other things outside of the piece.


    Another new one



  11. Yeah, I go around some pieces with a fatter outline, as well as any other inner parts. Any part that would hit the halo. Have you not seen people do that? It helps the other lines inside the piece look more skinny and crisp, especially when painting.

  12. I feel ya, just keep pounding it in their heads and they will get it. Yesterday I actually flipped way back to when I first stayed posting. Back when me, Yokai, and Spawn of Sham were posting shit up daily. A lot of fools kept telling me to go simple but I was thick headed, finally I stepped back and started doing it and of course it helped a lot.


    Speaking of Instagram, I put a lot of random bullshit up there. Graff, photography, digital art, etc. If anyone is on it: ZombCreations

  13. Word, I appreciate the feedback.


    Been experimenting with characters also lately, and got a fat new handfull of sharpies. My old shit was going dry.








    This thread seems pretty gay and dead now, when I first signed up this thread was alive. Lots of toys posting, lots of vets throwing knowledge. What happened?

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