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  1. i get paid tomorrow, i just got in a shipment of 35 Cans of montana hardcore. im defanitly going to crush some freights tomorrow
  2. stolen pictures, sorry if there repost.
  3. this thread is so sick. stolen pics
  4. Re: writers in action! holdin down a trackside spot with the workers vest on lol. going over one of my older things that got dissed
  5. first girl has a nice ass. and whats wrong with handi capped bombers lol they just cant run, and there ground ups are only 4 feet? why you hatin? lol
  6. if i could get anything i would get alot of these!
  7. this is way to hard to think about when you haven't slept yet
  8. frankyelsner


    i cant wait until war 5 come out, im def gonna order all of them and watch them back to back, sucks watching online.... ps the preview for war 5 looks so sick!
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