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  1. oh shit. that spy vs spy prodo is incredible. knoxville has the production game in a vice grip.
  2. "well the middle of this rasm piece looks like a nice place to put this upside down cross"
  3. those nosey and metal pieces are so nice!
  4. Article written by REX2 TM "My first of two stints at UT Knoxville was from January 1993 - February 1995. During that time I helped spark the Knoxville scene, along with Shadow, Jeka, Zoom, NutSak and a couple of others. I had been writing longer than any of those cats, so for a while I set the pace there and passed along techniques I had been shown in Nashville and styles I had seen in magazines. Knoxville didn't have a Tower Records, so the writers there didn't get graffiti magazines of the time like Can Control, City Slicker, etc. (again, I miss Tower Records). Magazines were so import
  5. http://www.wbir.com/story/news/local/downtown-ut/2014/02/08/crews-prepare-for-mcclung-warehouse-demolition/5329709/ http://www.wbir.com/story/news/local/downtown-ut/2014/02/10/mcclung-warehouse-coming-down-piece-by-piece/5365037/ RIP C Yard.
  6. that dude taking 3 minutes to do a hollow throw gave me cancer
  7. it was all that dude STILL and he threw up all those names. the most jaded "writer" in Nashville. Dude just doesnt understand the game at all. but i think he moved to a different state so its whatever.
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