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  1. ahahahahaahhahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha dude you do that and people will think you are more of a toy, you need to grow up and realize people arent gonna like what you do and not complain about it kid must be like 15 or 14 hahahaha
  2. yo hatetown, i got some of those but are the new elmer caps the german outline looking ones are good for it?
  3. fuck man, i know this is out of topic way outta topic but does anyone from houston here know of any rackable fat caps for female rusto cans? i know i should go get montana or ironlak or whatever but i like to use rusto
  4. not if all the markers and shit i get are racked... cans on the other hand well at least for me are harder to steal, that and i need to grow balls and actually try to steal some...havent done that in a while
  5. dude i wish, all ive been doin is meanstreak tags and shit, no money for paint it all goes to weed "somebody post more etoms".....INDEED or boudin
  6. might as well man...everyone keeps talking shit about people and shit might as well talk about beer and if you ask me i think it would be a better thing to talk about other than whos toy and whos not or whatever
  7. not into ale, ill get there someday im more of a beer or malt liquor drinker 40's and shit the occasional times i drink tequila or crown but thats about it im more of a pothead and i like to trip more than anythin yo anyone know where to get those saint ides? ive seen em before down on some store on westheimer but i always get king cobra or old english...i used to get colt 45 those are the best, the store i got em from had the colt 45 40's and shit but they dont sell em there anymore but those st. ides look pretty fucking good to be honest
  8. dude those blasts are 12 percent in alcoholic content, it gets you drunk faster 40's are good but they are too filling and they get me buzzed not drunk as opposed to something like four loko or those blasts by colt 45
  9. no shit!?!? man give me the details on where this corner store is at man, i need to stock up on these fucking ASAP before the fuckin fda try to pull these off the motherfucking shelf
  10. since everyone is busy talking about shit i might as well ask this..... has anyone seen this drink around houston like in the hood areas like 3rd ward and shit like that? i know pretty gay that i like flavored malt beverages but this one looks fucking good, so if anyone could point me to the right direction on where to find these that would be fucking awesome. forties arent enough anymore
  11. i want to see some new etoms or boudin shit
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