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  1. wow u have the same opinion on pugs as me, i say they look like they got punched in the face, they have no nose
  2. so 1/4 thinner to 3/4 rusto? just make it simple and say an actual amount, not just this much this OOOO to this OO
  3. so like 2/3 rusto and 1/3 thinner?
  4. just picked upa book from barnes and noble called, "the peicebook" its hella dope
  5. A knife is just a tool, just so happens to be a great weapon also
  6. whats your basic rusto bucket paint, to thinner ratio? and any additives?
  7. "dont fear the dead... Pity the living."
  8. when i read the title, my first thought was maybe someone got in and the lights went off and they had like epilepsey or somthing... ha
  9. how well do the rusto 2x coverage caps work? can get those hella cheap ;P ;P in BULK haha
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