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  1. Oh, you fancy huh?! Have a good time killin it in Cambodia
  2. Oh hey der nextdoor neighbors, big surprise they were slummin and villen in Somerville
  3. Props to the chancellor, president, and dean of admissions at Oaksterdam U for getting their hustle on; not so sure how well that works out for its graduates though..
  4. I would think common sense would tell ya not to risk millions of dollars in damages and potentially jailtime all for recognition from the biggest scumbags ya know; but that doesnt stop us from doing it does it?:D
  5. Another favorite is systematically pissing in every sink in the house. I dont get any sick perverted joy out of this but it just kinda warms my heart to know I am personally ensuring someone has a bad morning after... My girl who is a year rounder in Martha's Vineyard also told me its common play to steal all family pictures/car keys/anything else when the tourists throw party's and let the natives in
  6. Real talk, homeboy Realism aint going to appreciate this story but its a keeper so im finna tell it anyhow. Went out to Are Eye to holler at the homeboy and roll through to a banger. One bottle later dudes are intimidating, harassing, and fucking with the local Brown students. Fast forward some more L and a couple more L's and we get to the party. Real's offering a lil Vodka to all the homies, and trying to pour some in their cups.. only problem is he is doing it indiscriminately, including to the homies that are sipping on brewtangs. To quote Real, "Fuck it, all mixes in your stomach anyway right?!?!":lol:
  7. Walk signs are a suggestion. No turn on reds are a suggestion. Stop signs are a suggestion. Definitely make sure to stop by Al's or Primos for some fine eatery. Swing by Charlestown to score some OCs, Belmont or Arlington to get off with someones big screen TV and Corgi, and Park area to stab a few Asian/European tourists
  8. I guess he failed the red light challenge?
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