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  1. man whats happening to this thread...... keep postin pictures!!
  2. Lol i have no need to go steal pictures off the internet neather do i have the time to take pictures of graffiti. if i got shit all post it. but theres 100 of other cats dat use this thread and i no they got more pics and less talk. =[
  3. I feel this threads going down hill.. post flicks
  4. hahaha this bitch ^ e-thug all u want ur fame is garbage. checked out ur last post all u do is run ur mouth ur nothing but a joke on the internet. gonna put ur ass on tosh.o
  5. Too much talking post flicks!
  6. haha that fool hit the top of yerba buena thats funy. keep the pics coming all have more soon!!
  7. that richies throwy is too mad.
  8. POST PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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