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  1. is that fucking epat kidding me? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhh mercy!
  2. cozz nooothing compaaaaaaaaaares nothing compares to blesuuuuuuuuuuuu
  3. you might fool the kids but you dont fool me
  4. i wonder if dlae knows that its actually spelled delay i better let him know or boy will he be red in the face lol
  5. who gives a fuck its a series of whats hot right now played out shit shoved into a big fucking turd hamper no originality whatsoever THATS SO PERTH
  6. your mum couldve not given me aids
  7. get a photobucket or some such shit smash a photo on it copy the link, press the mountain button up dere^^ paste your link in the box youre laughing
  8. frt's roller poles are too small huedas cock is delicious and big
  9. stop fucken whining jump up there and cap it back then you fucken pack of pansy cunts any fucken real writer wouldnt have let that shit run more than a day fucken perth cunts are useless fucken cunts arnt they?
  10. the characters and rubiks are dope but the other 2 need to get some letter structure instead of trying to cover it up with fancy effects cuz it just is not working, since you asked
  11. toy, cool insult to someone that doesnt even write hahaha
  12. we could be best friends then recluse
  13. collingwood footy club you reckon gtfo of wa then ya rat and make yourself harder to track down ffs
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