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  1. I swear I seen her in a fuck flick...
  2. Spanish Montana? 100 cans for snitching on your friends?
  3. ...with learning difficulties.
  4. It looks like it was drawn on with a marker pen...
  5. Did you get one of your 'bros' to take this before you had a manly, no-homo, oiled-up wrestling match?
  6. Nice vest though badman.
  7. And your tatoo is shit.
  8. You and your 'buddies' been 'pumpin your guns'?
  9. This is one of the gayest pictures I've ever seen.
  10. And which language do you speak?
  11. Even kids with pens dont like Revok...
  12. Re: gbg vitamins and gbg Wow, incredible forum spamming style! How long have you been spamming for? you made spamming look and feel convenient. The complete appearance of your spam is terrific, not to mention the spam!
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