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  1. N0W0N

    hand painted signs

    The homie's crew.
  2. N0W0N

    The Nonsense thread

    Saw this and thought of the oontz
  3. N0W0N


    I'm opening my very own/very first store/workshop in the next month. I'm trying to drum up money through a kickstarter. I have some pretty sweet deals available to people that decide they want to back my project. One of the rewards I'm offering backers is a personalized engraved dog tag with a vectored image of your choice.(name, crew, your mom's name, my mom's name, etc. ) I thought you might be interested. Feel free to take a look. 11717387_1446966695611932_8507330563246655903_o.jp
  4. N0W0N

    Your Art Thread

    I've got a Kickstarter I've started. I'm hustling for a brick & mortar. One of the rewards I'm offering is an engraved dog tag with your hand tag or what have you on it. (Pert I'd love to work with you on a regular.) 11717387_1446966695611932_8507330563246655903_o.jp
  5. N0W0N

    Your Art Thread

  6. N0W0N

    That one time.......

    TOT I spun around in circles w/G.U.R.U. TOT I got raided and they didn't find the weight TOT I used CPR. TOT I sharted during my first training shift.
  7. N0W0N

    Furniture, Light Fixtures and Interior Design

    I've been repairing a lot of antique chandeliers lately. Made this recently. It's nice to work on my own stuff when I get the time.
  8. N0W0N

    random thots

    Re: random thoughts I need to patent that
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7YZtUY0Mic&list=PL2E3C5CDC34B6BDAF&shuffle=1637
  10. N0W0N

    Tinder app

    What Boats Said.
  11. N0W0N

    How to sell art

    " My competitors are walmart, ikea, places like that. I can never compete." I disagree with this. These hegemonies will never be our competition. You are a craftsman. I like your work. You make quality pieces. They make shit work from shit materials. Any discerning buyer can spot the difference from across the street.