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Nicky Bones

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  1. Yo just take off the ankle bracelet and leave it at home.
  2. Yo anybody in Chicago wanna kick it on the 19th? I'm gonna be in town for the Weekend Nachos show and I was wondering if someone could show me around.
  3. Bump Custard's Last Stand. Too bad there isn't one close to Missouri.
  4. yo I could go for some ice cream right about now.....oh, and crushing depression.
  5. I mean, they have more skill than cto by far.
  6. dont forget that photo cred fftf
  7. ^for the record, i give no fucks about your advertising.
  8. I'm gonna be Crunk, since I got more meat on my bones.
  9. Yo trashbag, we still gonna be the beaver boys for halloween?
  10. Yo Richard Dunn, I just got your name refrence haha.
  11. Richard Dunn - If I had a car I would be so fucking down!
  12. haha be sure to wear your name tags to break the ice.
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