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  1. these last guys hypno and strom seem to be taking the letter styles of the antigraff and adding style to it. personally i like antigraff letters over burners and wildstyle. the letters are much more fun and don't make it look like youre in a biker gang
  2. RIP AFRI, probably the first person I saw that tagged over 94.
  3. Yo is Fresh the same Fresh that was painting like in '10 with that fat ass 'F'? When did that dude get so good? Bump him, GET, the WAH dudes, kyote's got those colors, never really seen that before. Fuck it I'm bumping Spain, paint some more, those old school throws i use to see are nice.
  4. I like these pixacao styled rollers
  5. i like that new head style everyone stole that melo dust effect thing, idk if he started it, but everyone is doing it bumb naked, head, pear, jasp and snax
  6. yo this kids giving away used pencils!
  7. @umire love the color scheme. nice job
  8. i have no idea what im doing. could i please have some feedback
  9. utrecht makes something called a design marker which i like. they're cheap and have a brush tip and a chisel tip.
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