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bubu tlaloc

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ1JDmnXpdQ
  2. bubu tlaloc

    Ai Weiwei

    Neanderthal rules.
  3. bubu tlaloc

    Ai Weiwei

    It´s a shame to say but our "western" countries benefit a lot from the slave-like conditions in Chinese factories, which is also directly tied to the questionable policies (censorship, oppression etc.) of that land. Do you really think that pair of Jordans you´re wearing was produced in a fair way?
  4. i´d like to rock some Birkenstocks but they´re kind of uncomfortable in the yard...
  5. mine is "Hard Ticket To Hawaii"....an instant classic!
  6. very interesting...my 2nd post to get thread-permission...ughhh
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