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Everything posted by corporaljigsorequandry

  1. good page. heres some lolz http://www.buzzfeed.com/mrloganrhoades/man-goes-to-magic-the-gathering-tournament-poses-next-to-but
  2. MORTUOUS new school oldschool deathmetal masters. ex members of exhumed, members of repulsion and cretin. [/img]
  3. that's really weird, I didn't delete either of those... anyways, the first one was irrelevant, the back to the game was these hoes. [/img]
  4. yup, I live in the house that my great grandparents owned, as well as my grandparents and my mom and is now mine, again, after living on my own for 10 years.now I just pay utilities and property tax. instead of working myself to death to pay rent to someone else.no shame in my game. and I don't stick my dick in cross eyed inbred country bumbkins cuz I don't have to. [/img]
  5. foreal? lights out would do it for you? I live in a basement and my room still doesn't get dark enough for that. to each there own I guess but in my opinion that thing is worse than the fattest of fat girls.
  6. fuck, I could go on forever in this thread. ive loved punk and metal art forever. heres just a few locals [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  7. also joining band. ive been into music way longer than ive been into graff. ive been playing in bands on and off since middle school.watching everybody around me get wrapped and have to deal with court dates and fines and lawyers and getting beat up by the cops , going to jail for graff and coming out cholos or Nazis., there was a period of about 4 years where I wasn't in any bands. I was doin drugs and painting my ass off. since I started playing music again, I realize that as much as I love graff, and still do it, if I lost my freedom to play music because of graff id feel real fuckin stupid inside. now that im in a band, its forced me to be smarter and more mature about my paint game.because now when im think about painting, I also think about recording and going on tour and putting out records. and I have a legal outlet for my aggression and artistic drive that allows me to travel all over the place for hella cheap, and have fun.
  8. I quit drinking 6 years ago. I was sick of feeling like shit and doing dumb shit and saw where I was headed. since then ive watched all the people I used to drink with do the same shit they've always done. some of them hold it together, while others are pretty much lost. I didn't wanna go down that road, I don't fare well with addiction, and I made a choice to not do it. down side-"I was drunk" is no longer a usable excuse for anything stupid I do...
  9. smash that last one all day no hesitation.
  10. smash , smash, saaaaaammmmaaaaasah! (kai voice)
  11. smash weed socks, smash big bird, smash Christmas butt, smash scratch pad.
  12. smash most of those beach girls, except for the sperm whale on the right and dennis rodman down in front.
  13. would get dome from glasses girls, yolandi gets it purely on some bucket list shit, trash whit hula girl, trash newgirls mom boobs,smash sailor moon, for the last one, first instinct says smash, but further analysis makes me think there could be a cock in there, mainly the shoulders and the adams apple... rip mike.
  14. " I went to your schools, I went to your churches, I went to your institutional learning facilities, so how can you say im crazy?"
  15. best thread title ever.probly change your name again, youre off to a bad start. in before the lock.
  16. are there a lot of rap letters out there?
  17. she looks completely insane. probly means she likes to fuck super tough. smash once and leave town.
  18. my parents didn't get me my first haircut til I was 4, fuckin hippies. so my hair was pretty long then, I had a Mohawk in high school that was about 12 maybe 14 inches tall, along with some other punk rock haircuts, other than that I been buzzin my head with a number 3 for about 10 years now.
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