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  1. The law does very from state to state. I am not a lawyer, mind you, but I have studied the law regarding this quite thoroughly. In almost all states, this is perfectly legal under what's known as 'one party consent.' It is illegal in IL and there have been charges brought in MA, though they have always been dropped and a pending supreme court case should rule it legal. Still, the recording is done in secret and we do remove the identities of all submissions.
  2. Hey everybody! I know some people in this forum occasionally do things which are outside of the law, so I think you guys might be interested in some software I've written. The apps are called Cop Recorder for Android and iPhone, and are part of a larger project called OpenWatch, which aims to collect evidence about police behavior and misconduct. The apps secretly record audio and video, and then send it back to our central server where we remove your identity and post it to our website, so we can report upon the regional trends in police enforcement. This might also be handy for you in case a cop lies to you, violates your rights or smacks you around, you'll have evidence of it. I don't want to seem like I'm spamming, but I really think a lot of people here could be helped out by what we've created. If it helps, we just got mentioned in Forbes and The Atlantic, as well as BoingBoing. http://blogs.forbes.com/andygreenberg/2011/06/22/openwatch-turns-your-smartphone-into-a-reverse-surveillance-camera/ http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2011/06/policing-the-police-the-smartphone-apps-that-let-you-spy-on-cops/240916// Anyway, our website is http://www.openwatch.net - you can get the apps here - http://openwatch.net/apps/ - and listen to the recordings we've posted so far here - http://openwatch.net/all/ So hopefully you guys are never going to need this, right, but if you do get in trouble, remember to record it! It just might save your ass, and it will help our project too. Thanks! ps i'm a graff head too, if it counts for anything, check my flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/miserlou/
  3. OpenWatch


    Yeah what a fucking fat incredibly middle eastern guy he is.
  4. Found a fight club. Seriously, dudes who just met up in this abandoned parking lot to fight each other in a circle.
  5. There's a really bad graff part in Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror.
  6. NOK/MS vs FUGUE/THT going on in Boston! Quiz vs HTEA too but I don't have pictures.
  7. 10 pairs of fake Ray Bans. Only way to go.
  8. AND REMEMBER ABOUT YOUR DARKS/LIGHTS! I cringe every time I see a stencil with the dark/lights backwards.. *facepalm*..
  9. I'm all about glued manilla folders overlapped, 3x2 for a nice two/three foot stencil.
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