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  1. had court today man not lookin so good they are charging me with possession with intent to sale even though i didnt have anythin sacked up it was just a few large boulders hidden plus the fuckin gun charge man lawyer says worst case scenario im going in for 5 years way more than the 2-3 i was thinking. but the lawyer says they usually hit with hella charges and maybe i can take a plea deal for possession only he says im really lucky i dont have any serious priors or id be fucked fosho. i didnt have the gun on me it was hidden in the trap spot so they might drop that charge i played it smar
  2. lol thats the same kinda ratchet i got caught up with. lil 380 james bond shit i loved that peice only paid 600 bucks for it.
  3. plus i aint black or mexican lmao i put the nice clothes on and look like innocent hopin the judge go lucky on me i can clean up my look and make em think twice!
  4. naw my patna had felony prior for assault couldnt let that happen plus everythang was on me it was my ride too just kinda got fucked on the federal shit cus we were in a parking lot that is on federal property i guess, real rook move on my part but i still got off lucky cus i had a quarter kick earlier that day luckily got that shit sold so i was able to cover most of my lost only lost my profit my piece which was small caliber anyways not my main thang.. and they impounded my whip but fuck it it needed new tranny anyways. i wanted to get out that game anyways i was gettin hella noided every
  5. how much does commisary usually last ive been saving up 3k just for my commissary hopin that will last me. and how much do niggas charge for protection ya feel me. im the only one goin in i was arrested wit my homie but he was clean i took the wrap for the ratchet and the baggies i had 3oz of white an a few oxy80s just doin my thang mang! lucky i cashed out for that shit it wasnt on cuff so no ones lookin to body me over that shit! but my lawyer might be talkin about 5 years probation and house arrest plus fines but honestly id rather just do the time than pay 50k in fines fuck that
  6. 3 hydros and malt liquor gettin my gurp on b4 i head into the belly of tha beast..
  7. im coppin a plea pretty soon prolly lookin at some time. federal 2 i heard fed time is better than state anyways. dunn really give a fuck maybe tha right thing for me il be sober workin out and maybe get my degree or some shit. out here in the streets i aint headed no where good. its not violent related has to do wit tha rocas. i got a few patnas who done time but none in tha feds any yall on here got some words.
  8. bruh on mammas come say this shit and see wat happens real shit i fux with killers on the dayly that album only shows the pistols bruh they got streetsweepers for u bitches!
  9. onsight ur just a jealous nobody who wishes u could sip lean and smoke big with real yay area bosses fuck all u lames!
  10. u faggots dont know shit! that aint me the email is cus i did the designs and those fools will run ur shit they mite be from fremont but they in every hood in the yayarea fuckin with real niggas who will bust ur shit read whos on their CD all real niggas. keep talkin shit uaint gettin money seein dollar signs!
  11. you niggas aint gon do shit to zack been blabbin about him for almost a year now and still no one done anythin cept yesm fuck all you nut riders. and yall claim he a snitch yet he was in ya crew for a hot one!
  12. really tho all you lames blabbin about those bitches being hurt couldnt even pull those exact same bitches real speal. yea one on the left is kinda funny lookin but that ass makes up for it. PUSSY GOT NO FACE NIGGAS YALL ARE FULLLA CHIT!
  13. quit lyin like you wouldnt try to smash if they were gettin loose. fuckin liars actin like yall only fuck supermodels yea right lmao. those bitches aint that bad yea they aint 8 or 9 but get the fuck out of here most you niggas aint no catch yourself broke ass coke fiends.
  14. lmao bike a pussy fag crew hopper like most of them lames. bump that belk tho 594 nigga.
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