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  1. Thanks mate......my votw gose to broali1
  2. Thanks for the crits.....:) appreciate them. I really need to practice more and more. But until then i will try to give some constructive crits. Broali: Your letter are good, and i like the style. The only fact that i need to mention is that the K is not perfect. The K is composed fron 3 bars the second bar of your K is too small, and the first part off the peace is biger then the last 2 letters. Try to keep the same hight. And for my N, it is smaller because it is need to be small :) if you know what i mean?
  3. Nice one broali............hope this thread vill be allive soon I will finish mine tonight. For all the toys out there, Waiting for the entries
  4. Hello all, Time to make another Battle, hope someone is in. The word is SYNK. Any colors and need to be a character. Do fate is until saturday night. Hope that there are some toys out there who want to make a Battle
  5. Sorry man.....the J it suppose to be T my bad.... by the way...Happy new year for everybody. Hope you guys don´t drink too much
  6. Fast one at work, last day here. Finaly
  7. I'm in in this one..............
  8. Siro for a battle And Baltazar for an other battle Give me some crits please
  9. I will need some crits guys....................please
  10. kontra I like your works, nice ones. Keep up the God work and welcome to this forum. I leave in Romania not so far from Montenegro :) Here are some new sh.. from me! Baltazar battle ABCD Battle
  11. I really like your work man. And respect for what you are doing there. For those who think is vandalizing others property, i say it is more a way to say that Jesus realy can save you from death. Respect
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