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  1. amenbreak


    trust real crooks notice everytime you clip a homeboy or say something cute on the internet.
  2. amenbreak


    Holding it down can mean 2 things 1: beefing and fighting like a man. 2: avoiding beef and spending years doin what you love without steppin on any toes or saying stupid shit on the internet. like a smart man. respect to anyone who does one of those the rest of you faggots can play facebook all night.
  3. amenbreak


    fuck working hard, work smart. earn 24/7. paint hard, and smart. fuck getting credit, fair pay, or flicks. all i need to empty cans and watch my balances increase. props is played out. working hard for honest living doesnt exist, therefore, the notion is for fools.
  4. amenbreak


    this that real graffiti street life, racking, hopin turnstyles, drinkin 40's fuckin bitches no rubber and beatin up hobo's life .EMS banging on these Trekass niggas. keep it thoro in the streets, i seen a garage door a ways back too, this is life, bangin in the hood. streets are sayin things.
  5. WATCH what you SAY..... because they are installing MIND READING devices on 12oz....
  6. minus does dope shit without ever trying hard. fucking asshole.
  7. amenbreak


    graffiti has gotten much much bigger over the years... sadly we will lose as much of our history to us as we will to them.
  8. how you gonna be from SJ and clip diar in 2011? smh
  9. this might be my favorite picture ive ever seen on 12oz so much style on this wall.. wow..
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