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  1. do like graff or hate it ....lol:lol:
  2. ges and ebis holds hartfords style ,,dummy and nake keep puttin in work,,,,dj what do u know.besidess hate...try style or a little class.....i want u get mega wasted..lol
  3. its not what it is. its the point.i wish u peace.mega
  4. just u kid dont know real beef.
  5. on some real shit all i want is the graff game to be like it was in the 90s,,wall to wall shit,no dissing just put in work. that was the rules .u new kids have no idea what the fuck hartford use to look like before all the beef shit started.like cartoon net.nostop all over the place on the walls.i wish for peace.and all the real niggas on top know that...........this is 2 my fan base,and all my dead niggas.r.i.p..over 50 niggas u digg
  6. i dont fuck wit the puppys
  7. swagger jacker ebis my nigga.u little niggas dont know me. but all the big dogs know me.money in the bank.oh shit i got fan base.
  8. nice isors..that ebis looks a little jaser ish.good work
  9. control your home girls u ,,kid o
  10. i never said ask was not good at what they do.boy george was good at music..like u girls,are to the graff game..boy george paid dues.. like ask in ct.lol peace to ask ...no more hate...when u see me u see me.dats it..oh big up 2 ebis ..my nigga
  11. busy u killing me ..good rels up dare
  12. toys 4 totz ok u got that 2 i drop my fire mega 110 og .nigga bitchs aka ask.......froghollow 4 life ....we can meet on park and zion ..any time ill show u real power..wigg splitta.free G .U KNOW THE BOSS
  13. the fags is ask if u didnt know.u run wit them .........dummy ..ebis co-signed it...12 years ago..
  14. that jas 7 is dope u herd.co.sign
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