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  1. I dunno where that was but SF police would do the same. They seem to respect hoonery, or at the very least know pursuing would just make things worse.
  2. Oh that's sad. I loved that bike and would it ride it vicariously through the internets. Now I can't anymore. :(
  3. Thanks dig and grove. Yeah i really like that style. Cafe racer dreams does that with all Their bikes. That's a 1981 cb750 supersport with the charging system bolted to the seat pan. You'd be surprised how much room is in a seat like that. The tanks on those things are fucking hideous, which is why there's a black stripe on the bottom. Charlie at Charlie's place talked me into keeping it stock because to the right old guy it's worth 3000+. I just gotta polish a few things, make sure the money I've spent on insurance is transferrable and Ill buy something cheap where customization would be lucrative.
  4. How were those venoms before the flat btw? I've seen a few sportys with em, which far as I can tell is the closest thing to my bike. Also stared at my bike long enough to figure out what I'm doing with the front and rear sections. Now I need to think of a way to hide the electricals. It's all been done before, I just gotta figure out where people put fuses, regulator/rectifiers, all the crap that inhabits the rear triangle. Anyone have links for homdas or otherwise?
  5. Found a way to go from my house in the middle of sf to the golden gate bridge usin 80% trails. Pretty happy about that. I'm trying to replace the motorcycle with the bike on my 40 mile daily commute. So rough, but I love how few people/cars I see.
  6. I have about four giant tupperware boxes of sportbike parts, so that wont work. Before i start tearing off everything that makes this bike bone stock and resellable, here's ALL the problem areas on this bike, because it never ends with tail lights. This glorious item is what my oddly mounted headlight and turn signals are mounted on Its a piece of metal that's been pressed around the fork leg, so the only way to remove it is to destroy it.. which I want to. Heres a picture of how it all hideously sits together I also want a flat banana seat, like this but here's the tail end of the frame Note the weird fucking bit that goes up in the back. What the hell am I supposed to do with that? Here's another shot of the back Soon as I think of how to resolve those design issues, I'll rewire the whole thing, relocate the ignition fuse box battery etc and it'll be a clean cheap custom.
  7. This weekend was eventful. The day before my road trip I walked into Workstatt in SF and asked for the best tires i could get with a day's notice. My bike has horribly limiting wheel sizes but all things considered I think we did rather well. No more touring tires I've got some oldschool race tires: Dunlop Arrowmax T501's. Little by little this bike's feeling more modern. We went From San Fran to Lake Don Pedro to Yosemite and back. About 450 miles. Wind through tracy was a b'. I couldnt tell but I think this cunt riding on the back of a harley, admist a group of harleys, dumped a box of multicolored tacks in the road. I shouldve taken a picture of the plate and posted it on here. By far the gayest and most comical thing I have seen in terms of bike on bike crime. I really hope she was fucked up on shrooms and thought it was mario kart. Happened right inside of Yosemite.
  8. Thanks dig. Those tires are sexy but after some googling i'm fairly convinced they all suck for real use. Threw on a new pair of the old tires I had. Dunlop Elite II's. They work alright but 900cc's and a long wheelbase mean i burnout like a motherfucker. Wish i could throw on a fatter, stickier rear tire.
  9. This is a question for people who know San Francisco: I feel like ive explored golden gate's trails to their fullest. There may be pockets of trails out there that I havent found yet, but a solid 4 hours of riding around in the park I dont think theres anything left. Is there anything else without going up and over the bridge? Choc what would be fun is to see how far you can get around the east bay without using paved roads or trails. I bet you could get all the way to the summit of mt diablo from oakland.
  10. That's kindof my point. Factory showrooms are filled with incomplete bikes. Every new bike owner almost instantly turns around and drops $1000 on a new exhaust, then a dyne and fuel remap, then tires, a bigger or smaller windshield etc. There has almost never been a factory bike that gets it right. It's almost criminal for companies to charge you for parts you're guaranteed to immediately pull off.
  11. Im on my iphone and forgot where i wrote down my email and pw.. Desmosedici...Yeah. Well, yeah... I had the griso 1100 in my head for Some reason. Since i moved to SF, and forfeitted all work space, all i can think of are bikes that dont need any tooling. Went camping and rode 570 miles last weekend. I like the cb for what it is. Shredded the tires. Anybody have any suggestions? Firestone has these crazy vintage ones that probably ride like shit, but i need 110/90-19 and 130/90-16.
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