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  1. If ur a real graff head go bomb a train station while the trains are down post pics


    ive been playing getting up i think every graff artist shud play it but y beef with each other yall shud be beefin with the nypd yall graffers shud stick together as 1 cus then yall could really take over but idk yall most likey gon clown me but w.e
  3. damn y yall trying to clown me but when yall see my shit niggas gon be oooooh he has balls
  4. lmao damn son u son u kinda soft i be telling my homies 2 tag cops cars and ill give em cans they love that shit
  5. im not hitting a train im hitting a wall that but the is on the dead side of the platform
  6. im thinking bout hitting a subway platform cus its dead on the other side and trains dont run on that side my question is shud i do a fill or an outline im worried about getting caught
  7. i started cus i used to make stencils 4 my griptape and i had like 3 cans left over and then i met a graffitti artist who worked @ my job and once he told i should jus try it too see if i liked it and i got hooked
  8. thats some pussy shit but dude is a good skater
  9. i heard there like parties when ppl smoke and drink and there are canvas every where 4 ppl 2 tagg and wat not any 1 ever been to 1
  10. http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/8489/img00291201008061758.th.jpg' alt='img00291201008061758.th.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]
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