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Everything posted by fuckyourfaceoner

  1. ^^^^^youre an idiot and obviously butt hurt
  2. kavis piece and some old hollow
  3. hahaha ^^ so true, bump choke and fuck self promo and indiana in general, this place and its "scene" is weak, too many riding the dick train and talking too much for the small amount of work they put in
  4. i was hoping i was wrong dude seemed pretty young when i met him, have to stop listening to these gossipy indy kids
  5. R.I.P Brisk, only met you once, you were kind of an asshole but i admired your work, Indiana lost a good one
  6. the .... had nothing to do with you
  7. ^^^ its not hard to figure out what you write, as much as you bitch and talk shit on others your shameless self promotion is wack
  8. not that it doesnt look like shit but the brisk was over someone else that went over that demo bump xaust and baks
  9. looks like alot of biting on that brisk
  10. once watched illskillets mom drop him of at a jam then dig thru the dumpster out back..... extremely true story
  11. Some more thievery, and this ones just for you shittyfryingpan!
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