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  1. i talked to him about having the same name, not having similar styles. I have not bitten any of his shit, and I have been writing otes for over 2 years, long before I found out about him. fuck the internet, you're all a bunch of haters.
  2. i did both of those, the outline was done high as fuck down by a creek, and I spent like an hour on it. The other one took about 2 and a half hours. quit hatin
  3. Trust me, if my shit is similar to his, it is by no means on purpose.
  4. I talked to him about a month ago about the same name thing, and it was pure coincidence. I really don't see the resemblance, so why don't you show me a picture of what you think I bit.
  5. I suck at arrows... The homie
  6. kern


    who wants to exchange?
  7. the one with the green 3d is dope
  8. sorry it took so long mclovin few mistakes here and there
  9. crits? the new caps on the elmers spray adhesive are amazing on tall osh cans
  10. I like it a lot, one of your cleaner sketches i need to do a better one for you, I've been slacking on the complicated ish lately
  11. kern


    more whiteboard bullshit trying to do flares
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