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  1. I’ve been an undercover cop for years and I’ve got y’all red fucking handed. Suck my dick from the back I hate graffiti and I’m turning into a woman for 2019. Don’t fucking @ me or assume my fucking gender.
  2. Damn we should keep posting in here. Instagram is mad gay.....aw shit I use use it too...and I know Nosy got one...
  3. Detroit turned me into an alcoholic And dont call it a comeback...
  4. moving on so like, I found this picture of Nosy earlier today...
  5. So like me and lil cuh wah walkin downa skreet right? We roll by dih junt painted owna wall. Lil cuh go " aye bruh wha dat ih" Iwah like "sheeeeit look like it say... Maaaayyyynnnneeeee, mayne" den he wah like "reall tawlk brah that ish fresh denamuuug brah on god"
  6. omens jrafe toby rakn bookman Kadism!
  7. Bump homeless people in ATL, shout out to Gerald for watching my back for 3 bucks and then following me back to megabus stop and asking everybody for money and flashing his rocks, making sure people realized that it was his "bread and butter"
  8. Are you calling God a pussy? I dont get it
  9. So... "Rolling Thunder Writers" is the style wars outtakes and extra footage?
  10. eating a 3 day old burger watching fresh prince and thinking Justin Pierce left us way too soon
  11. Graffiti aside. you Detroit dudes got the taco game on lock. Real talk.
  12. I got one My girlfriend when I was 17 had really strict parents. Like they'd creep around corners and shit to listen in on conversation. Anyway, so one day we're upstairs and start hooking up and I think to myself "dude, there's no fucking way I'm getting my dick wet on a tuesday at 430 pm" So I suggest we go to starbucks just to get out of the house. I get this dank ass vanilla bean frappacino. I'm driving us back to her crib just slurping the fuck outta this frappe and she starts rubbing my thighs n shit. We pull over to this parking lot by some tennis courts ( she stays in a pretty well-off part of town) And i proceed to get the sloppiest, most satisfying head to this day. I tell her I'm about to jizz and she stops, tells me to finish myself, then leave the car to go take a piss. So i shamefully choke my monster into whats left of my now vanilla jizz frappacino. We pull back up to her crib and I'm walking to the front door when this ingorant bitch says she forgot her phone in my car. I give her my keys and go inside. So i'm sitting on the couch watching tv and this bitch comes inside with an empty cup. The cup that frappacino was in. I ask what she did with it. That bitch drank it. I never told her but holy shit I nearly bit a hole through my lip trying not to laugh
  13. I could understand if they gave it a year to raise the funds, but 2 months?
  14. Ceno's graffiti is sub par but that's besides the point Bump everybody in Ten-a-key doing work.
  15. I mean theres no reason to hate just because my dude has some solid letters and can really flex a tupac/kermit the frog character on a wall
  16. Bump East TN graffiti If you need an excuse to get out and kick it here it is! You can watch nosy spin on his head while goes talks about getting naked. What more could anyone ask for?
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