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  1. I’ve been an undercover cop for years and I’ve got y’all red fucking handed. Suck my dick from the back I hate graffiti and I’m turning into a woman for 2019. Don’t fucking @ me or assume my fucking gender.
  2. Damn we should keep posting in here. Instagram is mad gay.....aw shit I use use it too...and I know Nosy got one...
  3. Detroit turned me into an alcoholic And dont call it a comeback...
  4. moving on so like, I found this picture of Nosy earlier today...
  5. So like me and lil cuh wah walkin downa skreet right? We roll by dih junt painted owna wall. Lil cuh go " aye bruh wha dat ih" Iwah like "sheeeeit look like it say... Maaaayyyynnnneeeee, mayne" den he wah like "reall tawlk brah that ish fresh denamuuug brah on god"
  6. omens jrafe toby rakn bookman Kadism!
  7. Bump homeless people in ATL, shout out to Gerald for watching my back for 3 bucks and then following me back to megabus stop and asking everybody for money and flashing his rocks, making sure people realized that it was his "bread and butter"
  8. Are you calling God a pussy? I dont get it
  9. So... "Rolling Thunder Writers" is the style wars outtakes and extra footage?
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