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Everything posted by grimreap

  1. bear without hair = rise of the lycans
  2. go's online to look for a job, ends up on here for 3 hours
  3. should i post some flicks? got some fresh ones ....
  4. werms been in the dirt where he belongs, and that last pm was halarious shizo, y u being a lil ho saying u dont got problems? fag.
  5. lol fuckin abuke.. thats right
  6. u are voes fag .. post some of ur shit i wana have a good laugh already
  7. toy shut up u aint shit and u never been shit sence high school. all u were known for is being on bugsy and abukes dick . voes ur shit is garbage ur a little bich too . post some voes nigga lets have laugh :lol:
  8. wow zues really downgraded .. still aint guna make lcm anybetter.. shit is always shit.
  9. your s's ar gay faggot ..
  10. your not the one to talk being that you dont got anything riding in salinas, your stupid as fuck its not equivalent to gevs handling beef for yerb cuz abuke can handle his own.. gevs aint stepping into anything.
  11. abuke reps 2d4 it doesn't have anything to do with influence, and tng keeps 2d4 out of the lcm beef, strictly tng only and abuke is ready to handle quit acting hard over the keyboard
  12. your homies are bitches and abuke keeps the beef between tng and lcm, and lcm must of begged you to start dissing tng cuz lcm cant handle their shit on their own ask those pussies. None of your shit is guna ride here it will all be dissed very soon. handle your shit already lets do this shit
  14. this a comming from a anonymous newby ^^ haha makin new accounts to say shit, nigga thats bitch shit blud
  15. haha naw just had to throw that out their, n i am relaxed faggot thanx for the props by the way. u probably did it wrong dumb shit .
  16. you would wana taste dick huh? n na im good off that crackwhore, but u would have some mad herps on your anal n that might piss your boyfreind off.
  17. find her fagott then tell me how my dick taste:D
  18. na abuke passed that whore around to the rest of tng wouldnt be surprised tho that whore would fuck anybody n phuckfeelings quit defending your boyfriend deadpool your a bitch
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