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  1. :lol: :lol: ahahaha y u guys be hatin' you gotta give this guy at least some respect for devoting 7 years to this graff shit or in some peoples cases digging their own graves, but graff is for the ride nothing else lotta toys out their need to get their facts straight and in the end the chances of you living a generic mediocre life were pretty high anyway but you as i decided to take the chance and make ourselves individuals.but in the end end it doesn't even matter anyways wee just insignificant bacteria on some planet in some corner of the universe. PS: theres too much beef going on in this sub culture writers need to unite! PSS:fuck hipster styles.there i said it.
  2. yo nurkman! what do you use to etch on glass? and how do i get said tool?
  3. bump that gime and getting portland a freewall.
  4. shit on lockdown hahaha righttt if it werent for some like 20-30? writers still getting up with style ptown graff would be dead.
  5. yes loving this page! triel tomb optec ajust huge bump acs and keep the 90's shit flowing
  6. http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=130877602537706700 you kids out on the street know it! allison barnwell working with matt miller a tag team deadly duo of dum bitches that nobody even gives a fuck about..and fuck koer..
  7. bump eerie, case for helping him, taco trucks and mexican food in general
  8. okay say i being a minor am out after kerfew so they already got that on me do they need a warrant to search my backpack? if i have suspition of graff on my record can they do shit? what if im wearing clothing that meets descriptions of graffiti reports in that time/area?
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