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  1. Tork Chapter from the Graffiti Underworld book... Tork: "So I'm like Neat, fuck this. Lets walk through the train and catch tags. Fuck these motherfuckers, if someone steps to you we'll swing on em."
  2. Sinek and Resek in the book Graffiti Underworld...
  3. Fine. Only since the end of the world is in a few months.
  4. Sara(h) is everyone's girlfriend.
  5. I went to San Francisco a while back. I didn't paint with a single person the whole time I was there. I was doing all sorts of all night missions, doing everything by bike. I did that until a few years ago. There were a lot of nights with rollers poles and buckets of paint strapped to back packs riding to spots. From there I kept it going from coast to coast. I've probably been back and for at least five times, driving, hopping freights, greyhound. I added the greyhound miles up and one point and I think it was around 25,000 greyhound miles. I used to operate on a thousand dollar budget, where I'd work a job on one coast until I had a thousand bucks cash then I'd split. I lived a while in San Francisco, maybe eight or nine months. I took the greyhound down to New York, it took a couple months to get there because I kept getting off along the way. I was there a week and I had $40. I got a job the next day and started working as many hours as I could, not paying rent. I've never paid rent. I crash with people, move around. My money goes a lot farther than most people's, racking and boosting like crazy, everything you can. Money was basically just for transportation. Years fly by and all the sudden you're an adult. You slow down, slow the pace down, start staying longer in places. Three months turns in to six months. I can't do those East Coast winters, but I can't do those down South summers either. There was a lot of living out of cars and vans, even with girlfriends and dogs. It was pretty wild. Outtakes from the book Graffiti Underworld: Villains, Vandals, and Visionaries
  6. Ouija in Graffiti Underworld Book... A few copies left.
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