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Everything posted by Lick'n'run

  1. Naw love crimbo TPBM has banged a good pals girl before?
  2. Drink a small glass of milk an hour before you start binge drinking
  3. Lower your expectations and take it for what it is
  4. The good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain
  5. you turn off your alarm and lay there waiting to get up, then suddenly re-awake 1hour later like wtf!
  6. Lick'n'run

    Head On!

    Where do I apply this product?
  7. Lick'n'run


    I might just buy this skyrim to see what the crack is, i am not into all that wizard, goblin, elf shit what so ever but this game is so hyped up
  8. Lick'n'run


    we all die one day tho right?
  9. UCLA + FRANKLIN & MARSHAL jumper = £160 They are american sports college brands, why the fuck would I need or want them. fashion bullshit
  10. I like to moan about how materialistic we have become then walk town the next day and buy jumpers for 200 times the cost of production because i feel good wearing that stuff when im out.
  11. If you were one of my pokemon ide choose you
  12. ever thing on this page is baddass
  13. On a how Xtreme are you scale ide rate you a 9.5
  14. Lick'n'run


    Hi my name is LNR and im a codaholic, at first it was like ohh man finished the campaign now what, then i discovered team death match.
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