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  1. silon cmon my grasshopper u aint tellin no one how to do they thang, you wack as shit big head motherfucker, nigga said a few pages back u alien lookin thug haha
  2. ive rocked a few stayzon mops lol then the store i was gettin them from stopped selling em
  3. i remember hearing this smoking a blunt in manhattan, damn...
  4. damn nigga clean yo fucking shower.
  5. chalkboard eraser, rolled up felt, a sock theres a few
  6. kush&markers


    so first were gunna go kill some suckers, then were gunna go build a deck for less than minimum wage.
  7. my basement aint flooded... lol but yeah i feel ya it sucks being stuck inside 2 days in a row
  8. what the fuck is with the big black buff dude pointing and his cock in all of your pictures ? nigga u gay.
  9. it wouldnt work without that sick so page a nigga quick so i can serve u some of that shit and have u murdering yo bitch
  10. kush&markers

    Yard Safety

    is your boy in another state now ?
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