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  1. Why are you friends with a cop? And why would you believe anything that comes out of cock sucking pigs snout?
  2. Somehow I doubt there was 80 mile an hour winds when these pics were taken. Somehow I doubt there's 80 mile an hour winds right now. I also doubt that every stretch of subway tracks/stations is flooded. Just sayin though.
  3. Lemons < lemon aid. Anybody who actually left their house and didn't take full advantage of this maybe twice in a lifetime opportunity should smack themselves.
  4. I seem to remember saying that it spins both ways and arguing with people about that.
  5. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed After hitting the props button it suddenly dawned on me that this could be a troll pretending to be Casek. Oh well.
  6. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed The log in problems combined with the the overbearing adds drove a lot of people away. That plus the fact that most people only internet with their phones these days while they're out and about kinda shortens the attention span needed to keep up with this shit. Plus it's kinda a pain in the ass to post shit from your phone/ipod. Especially when you're out and about and doing other things. Maybe that's a good thing though.
  7. A lot of them are coming home to be cops themselves. What better job can you think of for somebody who loves the rush of kicking in doors and shooting people in the face? Wouldn't be the least bit surprised if all these trigger happy police shootings going on lately are done by war vet cops.
  8. ^I used to work with this dude who was from ATL, and he said that shit is like a San Francisco for black people.
  9. My wife's friends brother just got murked by the pigs in Philly. According to them he came at them with a knife. I didn't know the guy, so for all I know maybe he was stupid enough to do that. Oh, did I mention they have an uncle who's a high up police captain or some shit? I remember some story about some DT's harassing my wifes friend over some bullshit and her uncle rolls up on the scene and took their guns and badges and sent them home. Can't wait to see how this turns out for the cops who killed his nephew.
  10. And whatever you do don't fall for that "we'll give you a free home security system if you just advertise our sign in your yard" scam. I get them calls all the time. For all I know that shit could actually be legit, but common sense tells me it's probably some robbing ass niggas trying to get me to dump my real alarm system so that they can pull a fast one.
  11. All of the above plus a fucking burglary alarm. Actually, a pit bull or two in the mix wouldn't hurt either. Why the fuck is a gun not an option??? Are your parents convicted felons, or just pussies:?
  12. To be honest, I can't say I've ever actually seen a Camden cop in my life, and I've gone bombin over there a few times and it was like a graffiti playground. But to answer your question, even if that were the case I don't see some scab ass cops being anywhere near as brave (read arrogant) as FOP backed cops are. The reason why cops tend to buck and ask questions never is because they have FOP lawyers to ensure that they never see the light of trial. I'm usually fully supportive of unions being as they are 100% responsible for weekends, a minimum wage, 40 hour work week, and any other workers rights that ever existed in this country... but if there's one union that I'm 100% against it's the fucking FOP. They are the reason why we live in the oppressive police state we do where any trigger happy highschool jock or shell shock Iraq war vet is welcome with open arms and protected no matter what the fuck they do in violation of the constitution that they're supposedly sworn to uphold.
  13. Mostly Ricans, but there's a fair share of black people too.
  14. Because 99.9999% of them are junkies and crackheads. And the rest are kids who will eventually follow in their parents footsteps. The other people already moved out a long, long time ago.
  15. Holy shit I wish I was in Philly right now. For those who don't know, Camden NJ is basically East Philly. There is no East Philly because it's a river and then Camden on the other side. It's actually cheaper to take the PATCO train to Camden than it is to take the El to anywhere in Philly.
  16. They shaved off some of my leg hairs one time just to get a job.
  17. ^Nigga how the fuck every time I see your name it says banned, and then I see you posting again after that and it still says banned? LMAO!
  18. Every time I see this nigga Twinkletoes name he's banned. Then I'll see another recent post from him, and it still says banned. This nigga got something worked out with the mods to where it always says banned under his name for some reason.
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