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  1. That was the opposite of funny. I'll bet you think Daniel Tosh is funny too. I must be getting old.
  2. Oh fuck this shit is in crossfire now??? Fuck this I'm done
  3. Your 100,000 dealers laid off is 100% bullshit and if you need somebody to bring you a calculator and explain why then you're even more retarded than Faux News takes you for. But just to humor your brainwashed little mind, compare your over inflated number to the number of jobs that would have been lost for good if the entire American auto industry ate a dick and died. No we are not 1.3 bil in the hole after the bailout that was paid back with interest, and if you need somebody to explain how retarded that thought process is then you are even more retarded than earlier stated. You are 100% rooting for American jobs to be shipped to china while calling it "the American way". You are straight up literally saying that if American companies fail then "oh well, that's what they get for hiring American workers instead of chinks who will work 16 hour days 7 days a week for 50 cents am hour. And you do this while waving your plastic flag that faux news put in your hand. You are a fucking traitor to your own country and you don't even know it because you do so while waiving your plastic flag that you mail ordered from fox news.
  4. So you scoured the Internet to find a link to him saying any of that and the only thing you could come up with was words typed on a meth forum? Yeah... Seems legit... *facepalmjpg
  5. Slow your roll, jackass. If it wasn't for unions the middle class would have never existed. There would be no weekends. No holidays or 8 our days. You'd have gone to work in sweat shops 16 hour days 7 days a week from the time you were 12 untill you either die on the job or from the working conditions of your job. That's exactly what people like Mitt Romney and the republican party are trying to bring back to this country when they rant about regulations and rail against unions. Stop falling for their divide and conquer tactics of class warfare.
  6. Which has nothing to do with the bailout that has already been payed back, nor the factories right here in the states that the bailout saved from closing down. Mitt Romney made up a lie that Jeep was going to close down its plant in Ohio to move it to china. That lie was already shot down. You wanna know how I know you watch fox news?
  7. Please feel free to provide an actual link to him actually saying this. You won't because you can't. Because it doesn't exist. Keep trolling, dipshit.
  8. ^exaclt how I feel when I read your ignorant and uninformed dribble.
  9. If Obama is such a corporate owned puppet, then why did the plutocracy instruct the republican party to obstruct him on every turn no matter what? Why did the Koch brothers and Carl Rove herd the fox news sheep into a fake "grass roots" movement called the tea party? If dude was a fucking puppet, then why was billions more spent on unsuccesafully unseating him with a real puppet? And you wanna talk about naive??? This is how the electoral college works, dipshit: The popular vote of every state (except two) automatically wins the electorate of said state. If nobody in these 48 states vote other than the fox new sheep (who vote like its their religion) vote, then the electors cast their ballots for the republican corporate owned puppets. Therefore, every single vote does infect count. Because if the majority stay home on election day, the vocal minority will be the only ones voting. And the electoral college will be forced to cast their votes in step with said sheep.
  10. The auto bailout went to factories in Michigan and Ohio you fucking retard. Let me be as clear as possible: you have no idea what you're talking about and frankly sound like you've been watching fox news.
  11. Calling shenanigans on Tom penny being a dope fiend. Edit: wait, when you say "doping" are you talking about dope or dopamine? Are you talking about smack or performance enhancing drugs?
  12. The Ryan budget (centerpiece of Romney's camplaign) = austerity. Good thing those fuck heads lost, huh?
  13. What else would you call going out of your way to vote only to throw said vote away on somebody you know for a fact doesn't stand a chance in hell of actually winning? Sounds like a rebellious "fuck the system" move to me.
  14. New factories and manufacturing capacity = jobs. Can't tell if you're agreeing with the bailout or contradicting your argument against it.
  15. I just spent way too much time scrolling and loling through this link. Maxed out right now but props when I can again.
  16. Yeah... Proven experience in buying companies, bankrupting them and outsourcing jobs to china. That's exactly what this country needs, an outsourcer in chief with the proven experience to show that he's totally capable of laying Americans off while him and his peeps reap millions... That'll get America back to work!
  17. Actually most of obama and his pacs fundraising was by personal donations and none of them were hiding in the shadows about it. And wall street largely abandoned him in support of Romney. And if you think they both have the same stance on foreign and domestic policy then you must not have payed any attention at all this entire election season because you really don't know what the fuck you're talking about.
  18. For starters, there will still be Medicare and social security when I'm too old to work. And if my wife gets raped I won't have to help her raise a rape baby. There's a lot more ways that this will affect our lives personally but I'm typing on my iPod right now and can't be fucked to type a wall of text.
  19. What the fuck does a business background have to do with politics? Hoover and Bush jr. were both business men and they were two of the worst presidents this country ever had. They also both ran the economy into the ground. America is not a business, it's a fucking country. And the office of president is the top political position in this country, so how the fuck does being a " career academic and politician" disqualify somebody from the top political office? Also, why do you people always link education with liberalism while simultaneously trying to paint both as something negative? Let me guess, you'd rather school kids be taught that we're all decendents of Adam and Eve, and that contrary to what those commie pinko scientists tell us, the earth is only 9,000 years old? SMFH.
  20. Husk you are fucking retarded. That is all.
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