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  1. I prefer alone, but of course i love to go hit some shit up with my boys once in a while
  2. Around my way, you pick up ironlaks for $5.25 a can. Of course they offer minor discounts like the whole "buy this many, get one free" type junk.
  3. Now americans jsut gotta watch their asses even more, look out for some HUGE retaliation from Al'Qaeda
  4. The idea is simple enough ; if you paint over the numbers then less people will get to see your piece due to failure to relocate the freights. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, just throw a strip of duct tape over the numbers.
  5. Rest in Peace IZ, you were a real inspiration.
  6. Diggin the post by "Junior" , its simple but it gets the job done.
  7. In my opinion, can silencers are a waste of time. Try to find a way you can move around smoothly enough so that the cans dont rattle ( assuming you have them in a bag or sack of some sort )
  8. Shoutouts to Horne/HTEA. he's killing it out here in MA
  9. Personally, i developed my handstyles based on what i've seen and what i like when it comes to graffiti. i started with the basic letters, they looked pretty boring to be honest. but as i went along, if i seen someones "A" that i liked, i would switch it up a little bit so that it better suited my taste.
  10. False, im on red bull rush. lmfaooo TPBM is very religious
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