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muzak...just muzak

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  1. lol im not^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ever go on channel zero..................ON WEED
  2. blacks can pick up a skateboard and play rock guitar..white ppl still cant rap or say niggah
  3. fuck obama he started it once he came in office niggas think they in office too...the welfare office
  4. my point is enough with this dumb ass justin biebers nikki manaj and lil b's ..and wtf is lil wayne wearing nowadays..his 2003 self would slap the shit out himsself..its like these niggas doin shit they think white ppl like and its fucking cool all of a sudden..hey lets get white boy wasted yea lets ride a skateboard and wear jeggings with pink on it.....BUT whites and anyone cant say the WORD niggah...hahaha fuck them niggas...2010 2011 sad sad years...hopefully shit gets real again....oh shit is it wierd that all the rappers we used to listen too before the lil wayne nikki drake wave came out are all on the intro/outro track in the carter 4....some shit going on....shits weak already...FUCK ILLUMINATI
  5. watching tv saw a BRATZ commercial......holy shit...some shit going on with the usa...even got toys out to show lil girls how to be actress/movie stars.....enough already fucking nonsense
  6. who cares about here rap skills:lol: ill put my dick through the gap in her teeth:scrambled:
  7. kinda wanna bang v nazty now...she looks like this bitch.
  8. ChicagoChicagoChicagoChicagoChicagoChicagoChicagoooooooooo!
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