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  1. Don't know if this has been posted yet, but at least it isn't "Enter The Void" http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Crossing_the_Line/70059636?trkid=4412036#height2557 It's a documentary about an American soldier that willingly crossed the DMZ to live in North Korea during the Korean War. He loves it there.
  2. http://movies.netflix.com/WiSearch?oq=the+twilig&ac_posn=1&v1=The+Twilight+Zone+%28Original+Series%29
  3. My girlfriend's roommate is a bitch and sold some defective shit on ebay before. God she's fucking annoying. I guess you have to get money for anime conventions somehow.
  4. Damn dude. I just picked up "Cool Ur Head 3" yesterday and it had an interview with this guy. RIP. Seemed like a cool dude.
  5. Cloe interview in Lose Your Head zine or something like that. I'm too lazy to get up and look at the cover.
  6. That red Gevs is fucking dope. That Ormie is pretty big and wild too.
  7. Procrastinating. I'm supposed to be studying for a psych final tomorrow morning, but haven't studied all weekend.
  8. http://www.assmatrix.com NOT a porn site might I ass.
  9. I'm actually really sad about this. I remember growing up watching those Slim Jims commercials and I'd beg my dad to buy me one. When I finally got one, I "snap into" it and recite "OHHH YEEAAAH"
  10. I remember kids were doing that shit all the time back in my high school. I always thought it was kind of weird. One of my friends got busted for doing exactly that actually hahaha
  12. Nothing. About to eat some oatmeal right now though. With apricots.
  13. Yeah, this is common knowledge, and I'm pretty sure you get a letter in the mail PERSONALLY ADDRESSED TO YOU stating that you must register. Whatevas, I did it, but I'm never going to get drafted since I'm an only child. And on the off chance that they get really desperate and force me to go, I'll flee to Canada. I'm not risking my life so dipshits who don't deserve it can have their freedom.
  14. Tagbangers are my heroes! My favorite krew iz TKO! There da best!!!11!1!1
  15. Oh man, and that frosting looks so good on the second cupcake.
  16. I thought that this was pretty interesting.
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