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  1. Surfin' brah The beach Celebrities Weed Sunny weather Or so people from other states say.
  2. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends.......... This thread makes me super sad and uncomfortable. I want to live in ignorance and denial all the time. Well, not about everything. But sometimes about this type of stuff.
  3. Re: Name my new dog Brutus Baxter Buster Otis Charlie Murphy
  4. Bump Cloe and this Sour piece. Letters and colors are on poiiinnnnt. These Cloes are making me excited though.
  5. No, but I understand why you would think so.
  6. I FUCKING LOVE PUGS. FAVORITE DOG NEXT TO BULLDOGS AND THOSE TARGET DOGS AND PITBULLS. They're so cuddly and cute and snorty! I want one so baaaaaaaad. Check it, this ma pug face fools, :P
  7. It changes, but it's mostly this one David Bowie - Space Oddity
  8. That first Jakl drlos posted is fiiiirrrrrre. Best Jakl I've seen.
  9. I love the "Fuck Plasma" on that Giant hahahahahaha
  10. It's kind of funny/sad that yahoo news put "Dunn was a daredevil whose most memorale stunts include jumping into sewage and shoving a toy car up his rectum," in his obituary. Yeah, you're remembered as the guy who shoved a toy car up his ass. But nevertheless, when my girlfriend was on the computer and told me that he died, I had the worst morning ever. I'm totally serious, I'm pretty sad about it. RIP Ryan Dunn.
  11. I'm really glad this thread is starting to get some posts again. I always wanted to start it up again, but I never knew what to post since I don't know that much about dieting and fitness.
  12. I saw a BEMER FEVER shot the other day. Had me laughing so hard. Clever.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA HOLY SHIT Screaming is making me laugh so hard bruh!
  14. I tend to get rude looks from employees when I've paid in change in the past. But small business owners thank me because they actually need it.
  15. http://movies.netflix.com/Movie/Beyond_the_Mat/70000781?trkid=438403#height1466 Super interesting documentary. I was inspired to watch it after our fallen brother Randy The Macho Man Savage.
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