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  1. I'm pretty small too. Today's workout: Squat 150lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Good form, legs felt great, time to move up to 155lbs. Soon I'll be back at 160lbs. Bench Press 125lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt fine, form was good. Move up to 130lbs next workout. Back Extensions 3x10 10/10/10 Pullups 10 Time to rest and then lift again. I'm excited to squat more and deadlift more.
  2. Last night's workout Squat 150lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Good hip and hamstring flexibility thanks to stretching on my off days. Made all five reps, but the very last rep I stalled in the middle but finished strong. I think it will only be one more workout, two max, until I increase to 155lbs. Press 85lbs 3x5 5/5/5 I got some good reps out of my presses finally. I'm ready to increase to 90lbs. Powercleans 100lbs 3x5 5/5/5 I felt really explosive during these. Struggled with the last two reps. Stay at 100lbs for a bit.
  3. Haven't posted in a while, but just so you guys know, I haven't completely fallen off. I stopped lifting for about a week and a half because I was out of town in various places. But started off a little light again and have been building up to my numbers from when I last posted. Last Workout: Squat 150lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt good, but I feel like I still have room for improvement at this weight before I go on to 155lbs and then back to 160lbs. I've been stretching more and improving my hamstring flexibility for squats. Bench Press 120lbs 3x5 5/5/5 The lifts felt good, the form was good, increase to 125lbs next workout. Back Extension 3x10 10/10/10 Pullups 3x10 10/10/5 I'm excited to do powercleans tonight and squat. I've been stretching a lot more and in different areas that I haven't stretched before. My presses are starting to go up now. Woo!
  4. Last night's workout Squat 160lbs 3x5 5/5/5 I did 160lbs the workout before and I struggled hard enough to make mild grunting noises from the corner of the gym, so I stayed there for this workout as well. Last nights sets weren't too challenging except for the last rep. I think after the next workout I'll be able to increase the weight again. Bench Press 140lbs 3x5 5/5/5 I feel like it's time to finally increase my bench press weight. I've been struggling with 135lbs and 140lbs for a while now, and I'm excited to attempt 145 next workout. Back Extensions 3x5 5/5/5 Pullups 15 I think I'm going to add in another set of pullups since I hit 15 consecutive pullups. WHOOP! Excited to attempt 185lbs deadlift next workout!
  5. Thanks man! I'll check my maintenance calories and try to increase about 100-200 calories and go from there. I didn't go the gym last night, because I was being lazy, so I went this morning. Today's workout Squat 150lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Pretty easy. Didn't really have to try too hard on the last reps. Increase to 155lbs next workout. Press 75lbs 3x5 5/5/5 No problem, felt good. Increase to 80lbs next workout. Deadlift 165lbs 1x5 5/5/5 I'm only supposed to do one set, and when I completed it, I didn't feel drained, and it wasn't really challenging. So I decided I could do another. I added ten pounds to the bar. 175lbs 1x5 5/5/5 After that set I still didn't feel challenged, but I left it at that. It feels really good to be working my way up to 200lbs. Increase to 185lbs next workout.
  6. I'm liking this routine a lot. Building strength feels good. I've been trying to eat more as well. Haven't posted in a little bit but here is last night's workout. Squat 145lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt a little easy. Definitely not as hard as when I'm trying to progress. When I got to 150lbs about a week ago, I wasn't sure if my form was good, and I wanted to analyze how my hamstrings felt during squats. Increase 150lbs next workout. Hopefully I'll do well next time so I can break past 150lbs. I've never squatted that much before. Bench Press 140lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt fine, struggled on the last few reps though. Stay at the same weight, and see next workout's results. Back Extensions 3x10 10/10/10 Pullups 12/6/- I'm excited for tomorrow's workout so I can continue where I left off on my squats, and hopefully PR on deadlifts. It feels like I might be able to go a little heavier on deadlifts though.
  7. Thanks for the article. Tensing up my lower body really helped with stability and strength during my press sets last night. Squat 150lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt good, struggled a teeny bit on the last rep. I feel like I may have compromised form on the last rep though, so I think I'll stay and perfect my form and analyze the results later. Press 90lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Did a whole lot better on press thanks to the advice. Tensing up made me not step back at all to regain my balance, and I feel like I was able to generate more potential strength. Didn't struggle that much during last rep. Increase to 95lbs next workout. Deadlift 160lbs 1x5 5 Did really well on deadlifts. It was pretty easy, but I don't want to mess up my back at all, so I think I'll keep going at my snail's pace for increasing weight. Increase to 165lbs next workout. I'm officially over my bodyweight for both squats and deadlifts. It doesn't seem like much, but it's pretty good for me!
  8. ^^^ Thanks bruh! The words of encouragement are much appreciated. Today's workout Squat 140lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt good, didn't struggle too hard on the final rep. Increase to 145 next workout. Press 90lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt like shit, struggled pretty hard on final 3 reps. Maintain weight and monitor progress. Powercleans 95lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Felt good. I had only done powercleans once before. I feel like I need to work more on form. The weight didn't feel too difficult during the last two sets because I got more used to the movement. Increase to 100lbs next workout.
  9. I started doing the Onus Wunsler program from Starting Strength about a month ago and it's been going good. I think I'm just going to post results throughout the week or I guess whenever I feel like it in this thread since it's usually dead. Squat 135lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Increase to 140lbs next workout. Press 85lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Increase to 90lbs next workout. Deadlift 155lbs 1x5 5 Increase to 160lbs next workout. Bench press 130lbs 3x5 5/5/5 Increase to 135 lbs next workout.
  10. I came here looking for a Betes throwup. Boobies were the only thing that could've made it better. /notjockingoner
  11. I wish I could get LSD instead. I drank some with the sugar cube and it tastes so much like a glass of really strong black licorice. I fucking haaate black licorice.
  12. Been going to the gym for a few months now following a basic bodybuilding routine. Pretty cool. Saw a little old man deadlift 300 lbs and inspired me to focus a bit more on strength rather than size. Is there anything different I need to do in my workouts?
  13. Oh nuts, I was sewwwww excited, but pretty much knew it wouldn't be as cool. I still had a small sliver of hope though. Guess I better not waste it though!
  14. I got this at Costco today? Has anyone tried it? Does it really make you hallucinate?
  15. Anyone know of a tattooer that does good letters? Preferably within the bay area or in California?
  16. BMX has piqued my interest for a while now. Any suggestions for a good starter bike? Frame?
  17. les-enfantsterribles.tumblr.com A bunch of unoriginal content and some original content.
  18. I don't have a gym membership and only have dumbbells and a pullup bar. I've only been doing bodyweight exercises and want to know good compound exercises that I can do with dumbbells. What do?
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