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Everything posted by MrFuckYou

  1. Your fucking pathetic if you think extinguishing is lame. Your the fucking lame.
  2. If you have way different styles then thats OK. If not, change your name or a lot of shit will come up later in your "career".
  3. Boring video. Nobody cares please close this thread. :) Have a nice day.
  4. Unless you are etch ever shop window in your city, no.
  5. MrFuckYou


    Dinner napkinzzzzz
  6. MrFuckYou

    I got caught...

    Yeah try and don't give up, and be serious about it. Most kids say im a graffiti artist, they suck balls and give up in 3 months. Writers that are serious usually write for 10-20 years before they stop.
  7. Cool kids in this thread. JK FREE POST!
  8. When will kids ever learn? It sounds like your bombing the suburbs, let me tell you, that is where TOYS are. Bomb the ghetto, if you want real ups and good spots.
  9. Finally, somebody gets it!
  10. If you cant protect yourself with your natural fighting abilities, then bring a shank you can toss at the most, the last thing you want is to get another felony or misdemeanor for a weapon if you get caught.
  11. Yup, ^ What he said.
  12. Fat cap outlines are the shit, but a stock cap fill looks better.
  13. Who the hell uses modeltrains? Whadyu wanna shove em up ur ass? ahahah
  14. Your pretty retarded if you want to carry some bolt cutters when you go bombing. Toys never learn.
  15. Cutout a girl from a playboy magazine and incorporate into your piece. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE NOT A TOY!
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