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unleaded Gas

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  1. unleaded Gas

    the NEW sketch thread

    notes ceave... newest shit
  2. unleaded Gas


    BelRoc some nice intricate shit there homie...
  3. unleaded Gas

    Blackbook Techniques.

    yea seems like all these threads should be one....then deleted..just sayin...
  4. unleaded Gas


    yea there handstyles but not really nothing amazing....just stating facts...
  5. unleaded Gas

    one liners

    some nice oneliners in here....
  6. unleaded Gas

    Chicago's Blackbook's/Sketches

    nice shit whole page...
  7. unleaded Gas

    The Street Sticker Thread

    that Tuner joint is wild.....
  8. unleaded Gas


    some pretty dope stickers in here...and nah stickers arent gay theyre the quick and easy way to get up in a hot spot....
  9. unleaded Gas


    wow..nothing more nothing less...
  10. unleaded Gas

    ----->> The Critique Thread *****

    Malt...you overloaded on the J homie...then just stuck some arrows here and there....you should have reason behind what your doing and not just doing it...i know that you are just now fuckin with this style but look around at what others are doing(dont bite)...and try to understand why did he put that there...arrows can be used as connectors flow changers and just add ons...so do the math and get the understanding homie...your letter structure is minimal but i think that will come in time and that you can hide it sometimes with a buncha good addons and connectors... oh yea work on that O they are one of the coolest letters we get to use... peace...
  11. unleaded Gas

    IBCS Crew thread...

    yo can i get down with yaw cuzz....
  12. unleaded Gas

    the NEW sketch thread

    Indica... I think that you should try and scale back your work homie...work on your foundational letter structure first and foremost because from there you can gradually expand your ideas..you have the thought down now make it say what you want it to...right not my honest opinion it looks like a jumbled mess because there is no recognition of letters...NO its doesnt have to be readable but it still has to havwe some umph to it....i know what it says and it still doesnt come of as Goes its more like pgies...idk..the cracks are proper...but you need to work on your white lines homie..they are off in more than a few places like the top of the G thingy thats a flat surface no need for a line there orthe line from the G thingy to the O its on both sides...i guess im saying understand it more...and get them correct dont let them overlap your blacks...one way to make sure it doesnt happen is to go back with a fine tip black and correct it or color the whole joint first white line it then hit it with the black real easy and can find some cool effects that way too.... OVERALL: just my 2 cents homie take it or leave it peace