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  1. I miss my RB67 sooooooooo much. I got a Pentax 67 in college which broke down and I replaced it with a RB67 and absolutely loved it. It so damn heavy though. I don't shoot in a studio enviorment all that often and the RB became too much to hold. I wish I didn't sell it but I needed the money really bad. I'm shooting with a Hasselblad 500c/m but I'm thinking of getting either a RZ67 or the Mamiya 7. Camera envy.
  2. A few recent snaps from my walk around pocket jawn. Canonet with neopan 400, sloppy processing on my part.
  3. ha! Nice camera. I did the exact same thing when I first got my Hasselblad.
  4. Any progress on the zine? I had the same problem with blurb. It just cost too damn much! I was fairly aggravated that a 7x7" softback black and white photo book was $19.95 plus shipping. I wasn't about to charge over $20 for this small book. I wasn't planning to make a profit it was just for promotional ventures and friends/family but the price point was too high for such a small book by an unknown photographer. A few close friends bought it but that was it. Blurb makes really nice quality books but they just aren't beneficial. (Unless you're doing one offs or printing only a few. The hardcover books are a really great way to present your portfolio. Make the biggest size photo book you can and pull out all the stops. people will really notice your portfolio book then) I ended up getting a few books at the library on book binding and book arts and was able to put together a better quality photo book. It was a bw portfolio of about 25 images, hand bound on heavy paper with a hardcover slip case. Each book cost about $8 to make and I sold them for $12-15(15 when the edition started to run out!). It was much nicer and more personable than the blurb books. Plus, I had a great time teaching myself how to make books. Best part though is that you have absolute control of every aspect of creating your book.
  5. ahhh just one more from the Caffenol C.
  6. very cool stuff, Qsysue! Those caffenol shots I posted were done with a Busch Pressman D 4x5 w/ a old 127mm f/4.7 Kodak Ektar lens. If any want to get into large format photography on the cheap and wants more control than a pinhole used press cameras are the way to go. I've gone through half a dozen 4x5s until it sunk in to use cheaper cameras with decent lenses. This isn't mine, I just grabbed this pic off google. Mine looks pretty much the same though:
  7. http://www.digitaltruth.com/data/caffenol.php Here is a link to a few Caffenol formulas. I'm pretty sure there are developing times listed for caffenol someone on the site. I used the Caffenol C formula for the photos posted above.
  8. thanks. I figured if I started actively posting instead of lurking I may just start dicking around with chemistry and such more often. Here's a few sheets of Ilford FP4 developed in Caffenol. I stil can't place the exact formula I used for these but it was washing powder, vitamin c, and instant coffee crystals. These formulas can be found with a quick google search. The black fogging on the left is from the film tank and nothing to do with the processing. The more saturated looking pictures are pretty close to the original color the bw negs scanned in and the more sepia looking ones are after some levels and curves. I still haven't tryed printing caffenol negatives in a bw darkroom so I'm not sure how well this translate to print. Its a lot rougher than normal developers so at high resolutions you can see the film has more grain and strange texture. I'm planning on doing more coffee developing soon. I've been slowly moving all the pieces for a darkroom into the new place.
  9. I do all my own black and white and when I can afford to shoot color I can dev it too. There are surprisingly simple ways to keep the water temp high and consistent in your kitchen sink. I've done a fair amount of alternative process printing too. Caffenol is a lot of fun, I'll post some of my negs developed in caffenol with a simple formula for doing it when I get home tonight. Totally geeking out over this thread.
  10. That circle holga mask is such a clever idea. Those came out really well and I hope to see more like that in the future.
  11. Sandwiched negatives, original 6x6 neg sandwiched in an enlarger with a blank polaroid 55 that has been scratched to hell. I went through a phase of sandwiching up to 5 negs together to make completely new images. Its a lot of fun. I miss having access to color darkroom as well as black and white. When I have unlimited darkroom access I tend to spend most of my time doing printing experiments. Also, those holga mods are really cool. Definitely some of the more interesting mods I've seen to date! Keep experimenting!
  12. Michael. expired Neopan 1600 in a Canonet
  13. I've done one book so far. I hand bound the guts in sections 6 pages then stitched all of those together and bound them in a soft card cover. I made a hardbound slipcase to house the whole thing. I don't really have any pictures available online. I picked up a simple intro to book binding at a barnes and nobles that showed step by step about ten different binding methods. Also I found this great guy names Sebatian or something on Youtube who does awesome step by step demos on all kinds of book binding methods. Just do a search and you'll find him. Post pics or it didn't happen, braaahh. Best of luck.
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