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  1. What year was this crew started? All in all I think yinz have much talent. And You have no Idea how many times heads would come to my City and ask when I did that Pink water tower, and I'd say I had nothin to do with it. It was always a mystery. SOLVED now. RAK
  2. This is that shit, the evolution of a crew. Giters is the future.
  3. Post the remix from Carrie. if you flicked these then you flicked that.. and that smae.. those are both real decent..
  4. Ridle is Sick... thats the best move I seen Necs make in a min..
  5. Yucs has the best throwie in the city... It looks fun to paint,..,.... I would wrek that.
  6. oh snap,,, the Vinger getting serious.. I see smashed 40s in someones future..
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