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Dollars make sense

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  1. And that baby coffin would make a freakin sweet beer cooler bump graffiti too
  2. i feel sorry for whoever says 'my mother is a juggalo'. that baby probly killed itself
  3. bump ohio all great flicks, Ridle full car took it tho
  4. your the only dude pretending you something your not
  5. fuck justin seeber, or whatever.shits for eleventeen yr olds
  6. fuck justin seeber or whatever.'shits for eleventeen yr olds
  7. bump osteo polyester is scared to get smacked,he dnt really write neway
  8. bump zewoh n ibal great fuckin colors
  9. bump mote . but ya throws in hot spots and routes. straights on freights
  10. that shits tight too bad the wall wasnt buffed 1st
  11. TAPS TR i think taps has another rider same condition on an apt bldg near w.65 ill try n flik it later
  12. bump crik and bump fools doin laps, yellin, shakin cans out the window ....when ur tryin to do toss ups on train
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