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  1. Soma52

    Spraycan Belts

    I'll admit, they're not for everyone. I'd say it was more for convenience if you were painting a larger scale piece and you were painting off a ladder. Saved me a lot of time and effort climbing down for paint
  2. Soma52

    Spraycan Belts

    Hi -- I thought I'd post here, seeing as I primarily made these for writers. It holds 4 cans and can also hold caps, markers etc. I'm offering 15% off to 12oz Prophet members here until April 30th, otherwise retail price is £30 plus shipping on ebay. Here's a link... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SPRAYCAN-BELT-ART-SUPPLIES-GRAFFITI-STREET-ART-MURAL-/231895136968?hash=item35fe06fac8:g:GCwAAOSwJQdW-o5T