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  1. STYLEISKING. Thats some nice pics. That Pose2 by Dondi is amazing!!!
  2. What kind of sentences are handed out to people if caught doing the subway? What were the types of sentences going back to the 70's and 80's and what sentences are passed down now? Also is it the same sentences to people who live in nyc and other states in america and even foreign nationals. Reason I ask also is because I spoke to someone over here in Germany who knows a writer called Beck. Apparantly he got 1 month jail sentence and served it in Rikers Island. So the topic got rolling and to be honest havent got a clue.
  3. Damn!!! That is painful and I dont even know him. He was an inspiration to me and many others I know. :( Sad news...
  4. Really liked the insides only thread but it stopped and no one has posted. Would love to see a throw up thread. Nyc old skool subway insides and outsides only please. Thanks.
  5. I agree with you on that one. No pics it didnt happen. That is why I asked if anyone had any pics... On another what if it did happen and no one wants to release the fliks?
  6. Hey guys spoke to a friend of mine in London and was told there were big riots in the north side of town. He told me the biggest train yard of the Victoria line got totally obliterated by around 30 people from the DDS crew. A top to bottom whole train full color got done and both sides of every train got totally smashed with throws ups and insides. Dude said he will try get hold of fliks if possible. The diversion of police at the riots were obviously taken advantage of and they made full use of their time there. Good on them. Anyone who has fliks please post. I would really like to see what went on in that yard. :cool:
  7. Is Kase2 still alive? Havent seen anythng from him or heard about him in recent years.
  8. The photos on this thread are amazing. Really takes you back. Makes me wish I was living in your times where seeing graff on everytrain was the norm. The feeling I get looking at some of the photos is immense. I love it yet at the same time I am really sad I was never there being a part of it. Would you guys mind if I grabbed all the photos of this thread, create a site and stick them on the site in alphabetical order? Say for example go to "C" and you will see every writer whos tag started with "C" under that letter so that it becomes easier to navigate and find flicks of each writer. I wouldnt claim any flicks to be mine and I would like to do it in a way where I dont step on 12oz prophets toes and take anything away from them. 12oz has amazing flicks but I hate to keep going back pages and I never save anything to my harddrive. Id like to start saving things now and put it all together. I would really be interested in some write ups also. So for example a person could navigate to "I" select IZ, see a flick of a train done by him and there could be a short/long story/write up about the night that piece/throw ups etc got done opening up a bigger picture. Im only gonna do this if I get positive feedback from you guys. If not I wont bother and I will just save the flicks and keep it for me to see personally. What do you guys rekon? Any feedback appreciated. I know there is loads of sites out there but im sure there isnt anything out there with a vast amount of info on it. There are just bits and pieces. Another thing I would like is to make sure any wording/dates etc were accurate. I dont want to have any incorrect info. I would rather have no writing than have one write up wrong. The site would be in alphabetical order and chronological order from the beginning of the train movement upto the present date. Its easy for me to not ask and just do what I want and log these flicks inot a website but I dont want to do it that way. I want people to want it. Also it will be very time consuming so it would take w hile before it is complete so what I would do is start it off, publish it online and just keep adding and adding until it was complete. Cheers guys.
  9. When the IZ book comes out does it have actual words spoken from him himself or is written by someone about him? Either way I am sure it will be sick and cant wait. Also is there uncut footage of IZ floating about like live action footage etc that can be made into a video?
  10. IS there anywhere in NYC that still looks and feels like this photo?
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