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  1. Occupytogether.com coming to a gov building near you
  2. There have been a lot of protests being setup jointly across the world in solidarity of occupywallst. These citizens have been camping in NYC for almost two weeks. They have faced arrests and violence. You can watch on YouTube. Or live at livestream.com/globalrevolution the websites to join or start an occupation in your city is occupytogether.com. Chicago is a few days in and Denver just started. Take our money back. We are the 99%. Now with that said we are graffiti writers and have the ability to spread the word strong, far and loud. If you feel that it's a time for change. Join. To any and all oontzers occupying. Please update us at 12oz so that more people can hear you.
  3. I hear they protesting wall street. They say there are a lot of people. Twitter #ourwallstreet. Shits getting heavy.
  4. Or just ask narc ecko. He will solve it.
  5. Cool straight letters. Post some burners
  6. This thread is dead.( Or is this state?)
  7. This video outrages me. Support the movement.
  8. That burns most of what the cats painting there now
  9. I thought it was a folk piece but it say folek.
  10. So is that green buff color
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