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  1. Thats a bangn wall someone got paid!
  2. Old ass, playd out, same names, same pictures, unoriginal toys...... thanks for playn, you don't win, please don't deposit another another quater you fukn bitn hacks. RIP Milwaukee graf
  3. I still see a ES from time to time when i'm wandering I jus nvr know if they old or not some seem like they not that old.
  4. Y'all rock the colors hard if you got the skillz who cares about the billz$$$
  5. That old shit brings back memos
  6. That light sheet still blows me away every time. I have to agree you young ones could learn more by getting up more and internet quaterbacking less.
  7. Is der a best crew thread for Mil-tizown? I wanna know wich krew is on top?
  8. I found reference to the magazine all over the net...... including ebay...... try harder yo
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