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  1. Funny how people posted so much of saphs legal walls when he passed away but none of lotus' trains... Rip Saph & Lotus
  2. oh dear lord, you didnt just reffer to paroe as a kid?
  3. anyone got more flicks??
  4. That matik kid is bringing public styles back in how its supposed to be
  5. Dear 12oz you are now a shit forum, I dont think anyforum will beat the original crush sydney from 08 09 when there were a good 1000 + members constantly posting photos and having great discussions. Im sorry but this forum has gone to shit.
  6. loved these videos if anyone has anymore upload them asap!
  7. cmon guys bust out some unseen zombe scram kerupt mare pact roms.. sick of seeing the same damn things!http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/6913/13642460osfdimsimsj.jpg' alt='13642460osfdimsimsj.jpg'> Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/img]
  8. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. full contact sport graffiti is, if your not willing to grit your teeth and stand your ground you dont deserve to play, seems like only one of them stayed to fight the rest legged it.
  10. this agent was done by someone younger, siks gave the word to him. Agent 88 i think was cause and agent 87 was scram
  11. he was actually in a normal pair of shorts...
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