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  1. there's a thing called "the nonsense thread".
  2. none of those autocorret thingers are funny. .02
  3. on a somwhat unrelated tip, I have peeps in my life who i just can't seem to shake. I know they arn't doing anything but helping me lift the bottle, but i can't get rid of them. backontopiconer/
  4. Pushed a long time freind out of my life recently cause she for some dumb fucked up reason started to date a borderline nazi. Known her since I was like 12. It's hard but, like come on, what a dumb bitch move. I don't think i will ever be able to talk to her ever again but I might aswell just forget her altogether. Growing up in the city... Also chucked a dude out of a certain anti-social typographic society i am a part of, he was a homeboy, he fucked up real good.
  5. This was the first picture on the internet ever. Pure nonsense. edit: smash
  6. ^^^ that looks sooooooooooooo fucking gooooood.
  7. yall are riding waaaaay too much dick. lock this shit up.
  8. this seriously blows. fucking killed over some fucking dvd players and shit. fuck the pigs.
  9. man i wish i lived in the desert.^^^^^^
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